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Asseni's Values


Before founding Asseni, Inessa held a belief that skincare products with natural ingredients would always be a safer option and superior to their chemical heavy, synthetic alternatives.This changed after she substituted all of her synthetic store-bought brands to natural and had an unpleasant surprise.            

Red, itchy skin and irritation.

The truth is, the origin of the ingredients is not as important as their effect on the skin and combining science and nature brings the best of both worlds to the beholder. 

This is the core value and belief when starting Asseni – a brand that is designed by science with effective components and ingredients sourced from nature. 


Every Asseni product has been certified with third party organization Safe Cosmetics Australia. 

We believe in excluding the below ingredients, to prioritise your skin health and minimise the amount of allergens and irritants that sensitive skin is particularly prone to.

That list includes ingredients with natural origins:

  • Nut products
  • Bee products
  • Animal proteins
  • Essential oils

And synthetic ones:

  • Acrylamide
  • Parabens
  • PEGs
  • Phthalates, etc

We place pride and take care to select the highest quality organic cold pressed oils, herbal extracts and ingredients that have clinically proven effects. This enables our Asseni products to provide effective, results driven skincare, with realistic promises and a holistic experience.



Inessa is involved in every aspect of the skincare creation of Asseni, from conception, through to researching ingredients, liaising with the best suppliers to ensure the highest quality and testing on herself in the lab to find the perfect formulation.  

This enables us to be certain of not just the quality, but also that every ingredient and component is stable and effective so you can rest assured you are using a product that comes from a safe pair of hands. Our aim is for every customer to have confidence in any situation, be that wearing a bikini at the beach, hiking in shorts or catching up with friends in a dress.  Show your skin with pride. 


Studying and researching is in Inessa’s blood. She is always on the lookout for new ingredients, reading scientific articles and books and utilising this knowledge to improve all aspects of manufacturing so our customers have the most up to date skincare without any gimmicks. 


Practicing what we preach is important to us. In creating a product that draws upon nature, being environmentally conscious is a key concern. We minimise the use of plastic and choose recyclable material, such as paper, glass and metal that are less wasteful and more sustainable. All packaging, including boxes, sticky tape, void fillers, receipts and cards are crafted from recycled materials.