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About us

Hi, I’m Inessa, formulator at Asseni Skincare. I had always suffered with sensitive skin that was easily irritated by mainstream store bought products and the 'natural' alternatives.

As chemist with over 7 years of experience in different areas (including cancer research, chemical synthesis, pathology and cosmetic formulations), I was tired of unwelcome reactions to a skincare products.

I believed there was a better, safer and natural alternative and knew that what I wanted and needed had to be created myself. Drawing upon understanding chemistry and biology, I focused my attention and research towards cellulite, something that I have experienced personally and lost confidence from.

 Asseni was founded with a simple idea in mind; to bring effective, superior quality ingredients that combined the best of nature with the knowledge and safe results from science. The goal was to create something that really worked and minimised the number of common irritants that were used in the mainstream cosmetic brands.

With that vision in mind, I have personally overseen every aspect of the development, testing and production of every bottle of Asseni products.

I hope using your Asseni Dry Touch Body Oil brings you the joy from the luxurious scent, comfort from the safe and researched ingredients and confidence in a reduction in cellulite from gradual results with continued use.

I believe every woman should feel confident in any clothes and any environment, whether it’s wearing a bikini on the beach, or catching up with friends in a cocktail dress. "