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Make Sleep a Priority

Plenty of research indicates that a constant lack of sleep and stress causes a decrease in immune function [1],[2],[3].

There is also a claim that a decrease in your immune system can lower the production of collagen and weaken skin protective function [4].

In simple terms, our body repairs and regenerates cells during sleep and we need to give it a chance to heal. The melatonin hormone is responsible for many aspects of body function, including immune.

I would never believe that sleep deprivation is so harmful for the body if I didn’t have my own experience with it.  

The skin on my hands looked like raw bacon and no cream or dermatologist could help or explain why. 

Then it magically went away after my baby started sleeping through the night, allowing me to as well. I didn’t put these two things together until I was researching the importance of sleep and cellulite and came across hypothesis that sleep deprivation lowers your immunity and production of collagen which support healthy skin ( aka no cellulite or eczema)

Try to:

Body recovery starts its production from about 10pm and is stable in darkness. [5] Instead of staying up late watching TV series or scrolling social media (we know how tempting it is, and easy to get lost on your phone), give yourself a priceless rejuvenation session away from your devices, or at least turn off your blue light and use the warm light feature.

Move your bedtime 15 minutes earlier to find the time when you feel refreshed come the time to wake up.

Darkening your room help provide a more deep, restful sleep[6].

Getting a good night’s sleep (preferably before 10 pm) is one of the kindest things you can do for your skin. Wishing you sweet dreams tonight! 



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