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Cellulite busting exercise routine

Please welcome our guest expert, Lana Rocket @sveta.raketa. Lana is a fitness guru, instructor and amazing person from Sydney! She has prepared a simple everyone-can-do-exercise to help increase the fluid flow in the cellulite prone areas like your thighs and bum.

“Follow the rouitine in the video. You can repeat it 2-3 times ♻️
If you want to try it without ⏰ timer then repeat each move 20 times, 2-4 circles ♻️. “

I am going to put on my tights and move my legs with Lana, so see me in stories! 🦵

For an extra bonus, tag me and Lana in your stories trying these moves and you’ll receive 15% off any order at Asseni.

Stay tuned for more guest experts (like dieticians, remedial massage therapists, endocrinologists, etc.)💪